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Industrial and Manufacturing Sector Overviews

Industrial and manufacturing sectors face pressures from rising costs (especially energy), combined with an increasing regulatory burden and the need to respond to broader ESG trends. At the same time, opportunities arise from Government intervention to increase supply chain resilience via onshoring of selected industries, as well as subsidies to support the transition to net zero.

Industry 4.0 technologies including AI, robotics, and big data analytics create opportunities for improved productivity and product quality. They may also play a role in helping to address critical skills gaps in the industry. Nonetheless, investment in workforce development and training is a key strategic enabler of many businesses in the sector.

Selected Client Examples

Building Products Manufacturer

Corporate Strategy Development
  • Assess complex, vertically-integrated, State-specific markets
  • Evaluated potential JV and acquisition opportunities
  • Modelled the business and identified the need for significant performance improvement initiatives

Industrial Recycling Operator

Market Expansion Strategy
  • Developed a comprehensive geo-mapped database of competitors and recycling materials sources
  • Identified potential acquisition and JV targets within relevant catchment areas

ASX-Listed Cement Manufacturer

Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement
  • Identified an initial $40m in efficiencies at both corporate and divisional level
  • Identified a further $50m in benefits from efficiency improvements to main cement production facility
  • Supported the initial execution phase, delivering significant run-rate benefits

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