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The consumer and leisure market sectors comprise a broad group of market segments, from travel and tourism attractions through to in-door leisure facilities. These segments tend to be quite fragmented, presenting opportunities for larger incumbents and financial sponsors to drive consolidation and roll-up strategies.

Consumer and leisure markets have been impacted by broader trends to digitisation, through enhancements to the customer experience with increased personalisation, as well as through leveraging social media channels to drive customer acquisition and post-purchase ongoing engagement. Another key driver for the market is ESG (environmental, social, governance), an issue that is most important to younger customers.

The market has grown strongly in recent years, as households allocate an increasing share of their budgets to leisure attractions following Covid. However, rising interest rates and core inflation are expected to exert pressure in the near-term on household disposable incomes. The outlook is therefore likely to be more subdued. Those businesses that are able to generate strong insights into their customer segments and purchase preferences that can be channelled into compelling value for money propositions are likely to be best positioned to ride out near-term pressures.

Selected Client Examples

ANZ Motor Home Holiday Rentals

Commercial due diligence and post-acquisition strategy support
  • Successful integration of acquired business
  • Developed successful brand, product, channel and pricing strategies
  • On track to generate siginificant returns to investors

Leading International Gaming Company

International market assessment and regional expansion strategy
  • Developed successful predictive model of potential profitability by location
  • Identify prospective regions to underpin European expansion strategy

NSW Government Leisure Facility

Post-merger integration and strategy development
  • Supported the successful integration of two high-profile Sydney leisure destinations
  • Developed a clear medium-term strategy for the organisation and provided initial execution

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