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Market Research

Deep expertise in primary and secondary research techniques, combined with relevant sector knowledge

Our research programs are designed and executed by experienced strategists rather than researchers, providing deeper actionable insights

Our approach

We begin with a clear understanding of the objectives of the research, and specify a bespoke research program designed to address these specific objectives.

The fieldwork and data analysis are completed by experienced strategists rather than researchers. This leads to deeper commercial insights from the research.

We leverage an extensive network of top-tier strategy consultants to bring the necessary sector expertise and commercial insight to the project.

We undertake research projects throughout all regions of Australia and the UK.

Our reports go beyond the research data to identify the critical actionable insights coming out of the findings.


  • Commercially-focused research solutions that deliver clear strategic insights
  • Experienced program directors with deep expertise in market research and corporate strategy
  • Clear and engaging strategy workshops to explore the strategic implications of the research
  • Research methodologies based on a broad range of quantitative and qualitative techniques tailored to your specific requirements


Our research services provide the fundamental insights into markets, competitors and customers to inform commercial strategy.

  • Market sizing, segmentation and share analysis
  • Analysis of key industry trends and growth outlook
  • Customer research, including customer profiling, segmentation, and NPS analysis
  • Competitor landscape analysis
  • Company positioning and drivers of differentiation
  • M&A transaction research support services

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