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Program Management

Proprietary tools and expertise to deliver results rapidly and effectively

Our approach to program management is pragmatic and based on significant experience in strategy implementation and business turnaround

Our approach

We specialise in the implementation of strategic initiatives, and draw upon our own proprietary tools and methods that have been developed and refined over the years.

Our approach is pragmatic and focuses on the early delivery of results to build momentum.

Our tools and methods are simple to use and minimise the administrative overhead in the program management. We typically achieve full hand-over of our tools and methods to the client team within 4-6 weeks of commencing implementation.

We draw upon an extensive network of top-tier strategy consultants which allows us to bring the necessary sector expertise to the program, and provide external resourcing to the program on a flexible basis as required.

Our approach is particularly suited to turnaround situations, where early delivery of results and flexibility in external resourcing are key.

Program Management Capabilities

  • Program scoping and prioritisation
  • Program planning
  • Program management office establishment
  • Project resourcing and execution support

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